Cleanround Anti-Bacterial Surfactant Cleaning Wipes

We have a large quantity of Cleanround Anti-bacterial Surface Wipes tubs that we acquired which we’re looking to shift. However, we have been blocked by both eBay and Amazon from listing this product for sale, due to restrictive product policies that both marketplaces have introduced, in light of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 situation.

Before the restriction was applied, we had already sold a number of these, so we know there is a demand for this product.

We have now launched our own webshop, from where we will offer this product for sale, along with a number of other items that we are no longer permitted to sell on eBay.

A general purpose surfactant that is ideal for the cleansing of bacteria and inhibiting mould growth on tack, saddles and all associated irons and bits.

A general purpose antibacterial wipe is a dual action cleaning and sanitising wipe that is ideal in the fight against infection by maintaining a high level of biosecurity. Use to decontaminate and clean all hard surfaces and soft furnishings where there is a risk of infection by harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Cleanround Safe Hands wipes are supplied in jumbo tubs of 200 wipes, and while aimed at the equestrian and agricultural market, are also suitable for use in other environments, being NHS approved and alcohol-free.

We’re offering these for sale as individual units, or in boxes of 6, the RRP from the manufacturer is £14.99 each, and we are offering free UK delivery (with international shipping coming soon).

We’ve been looking to launch our own full-blown web store for some time, and while we appreciate that these things don’t just happen by themselves, we hope this will be a useful starting point to give us the ‘kick-start’ to really get this moving.

The web store itself is a bit of a ‘work-in-progress’ so we apologise if it doesn’t look ‘fully-ready’, but we believe you should be able to safely and securely place any orders for delivery, and these will be dispatched in a timely manner.

Of course, we’d love to hear any feedback while we actively ‘beta-test’ this, so if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions or comments, please do get in touch and let us know!

We’ve got some more products that we’ll be looking to add to our new web store in the next few days, so be sure to check back regularly, and do let us know if there are any of our other products that you’d prefer to buy direct from us, rather than go through eBay or Amazon!