European Shipping Update – Friday 15th January 2021

After a very trying first couple of weeks of 2021, we’re pleased to report that we are now offering standard road-based parcel deliveries into Europe again.

‘Standard delivery’ is now available in our postage options on our eBay listings, and parcels will be dispatched either with DHL Economy Select or with DPD Classic Road services.

Unfortunately our advertised shipping rates have increased, as we are forced to pass on rate increases and additional costs and surcharges being imposed on us by our delivery companies.

However over the course of the next few weeks, we will be working to reduce these costs as we streamline our shipping options from our own warehouse and fulfilment centre partner.

Mail deliveries have resumed already into Europe, and we have been dispatching packets and small parcels with both Royal Mail and Deutsche Post.

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks and we thank everyone for their patience while we work out exactly what is going on, and we look forward to continued business with all our customers on the European mainland as well as Ireland!

The UK has left the EU

A ‘trade and co-operation agreement’ was agreed between the UK and the EU on December 24th, however the UK still became a ‘third country’ on 1st January 2021, so for all exports from the UK into the EU we are obligated to provide customs declarations.

Recipients in the EU may be required to pay import duties/taxes/fees for all shipments from the UK, as you would do for any another ‘third country’, USA, Australia etc.

Mail packets/parcels will have a CN22 declaration attached, courier parcels will have commercial invoices attached.

In order to facilitate the smooth processing of items through customs export procedures, we are obligated to provide commodity code, country of origin/manufacture and customs value.

Please do NOT ask us to declare information falsely or inaccurately as we will not do so.

We advise EU customers to check with their own government websites in order to ascertain what tariffs/duties may be applied when importing goods from the UK.