Help with assembling our Premier Christmas Tree Arches

Admittedly the instructions that come with our Premier Tree Arches aren’t the most helpful, and these can be a little fiddly to assemble if you’re not sure which part goes where! If the instructions are missing from the box, they are available to view below.


Inside the box

  • 2x lower upright poles (crimped end)
  • 2x upper upright poles (straight end)
  • 2x top arch arms
  • 2x base inc thumbscrew
  • 1x angled connector pipe
  • 2x thumbscrews for connector
The crimped pole (right) drops into the base, the other pole (left) then slots into the top. The plastic cups are only for protection of the pole ends during transit, they are not required for assembly.
Spread out the branches to find the top of the pole! The upper pole will just drop in.
The top arch section is at a near right-angle, this then drops onto the upper upright piece.
The top ‘arms’ join in the middle using the angled connector, and the two thumb-screws hold them in place.

Once assembled, pull out the branches to give the tree arch it’s “body”.

Updated for 2021

It came to our attention only after stock arrived this year and had already been dispatched that the design of these Premier Tree Arches has been changed by the manufacturer to give them more of an ‘arched’ shape, by making the top arms more angled. The assembly instructions are otherwise exactly the same, only the centre connector piece is obviously more angled, also the thumb screw holes are on the underside.