Important shipping update for EU customers from January 2021

The UK left the European Union (EU) on 30th January 2020, and the ‘transition period’ comes to an end at midnight on 1st January 2021.

It is looking extremely unlikely that any kind of ‘free-trade deal’ will be in place or even agreed before then, so it is likely there will be changes to the way that purchases made from us will be delivered to customers in EU destination countries.

ARKS Global already delivers orders to customers all around the world, so we already have the experience of what is involved with regards to preparing goods for export, and our delivery partners are equally ready.

We will of course continue to do business with our customers throughout the EU.

As the UK will officially become a ‘third country’ from January 2021, imports from the UK into the EU will become subject to customs duties/taxes/fees, which will become the responsibility of the recipient to pay.

These duties/taxes/fees will not be included in our prices that you pay to us, but will be paid by yourself when requested to do so, this will either be directly to your own government customs authority, or via the delivery company if they act as a ‘broker’.

Customers in EU countries who regularly buy goods from non-EU countries such as the USA, Canada, China or Australia should pretty much already know what to expect.

As a responsible exporter, ARKS Global will always declare the correct value and description of goods being exported from the UK.

Customers should also be aware that packets and parcels dispatched into the EU via road services may take additional time to arrive, due to additional customs checks and processing which will have to take place.

But otherwise it will be pretty much business as usual for us, and we look forward to continued business with our EU customers.