When ARKS Global opened for business back in 2014, we started trading on online platforms such as Amazon and eBay, but it was always our ambition to have our very own online webstore.

It’s hard to believe that it has taken us six years to do so, but I’m pleased to write that here in 2020, we have now opened our very own web shop from which our customers can purchase directly from us.

It is not quite yet the finished article, and is very much in ‘active development’, with more products, features and capabilities being added as we go along. You see, we didn’t just want to wait several months until we had the ‘finished article’ ready to go, we quickly put together something that ‘works’ and were eager to see what would happen, and for our customers to help us to streamline and improve it as we go.

It has been great to hear some very positive feedback so far, so this tells us we are doing the right thing, and doing it well!

But there is still much work to be done, to get our web shop to do and offer all the things we really want it to, so we would really appreciate people taking the time to have a browse, maybe even make a purchase, and give us some feedback on what we could be doing better, or if there are any bugs or errors that we have not encountered ourselves yet.

Why are we doing this?

While selling on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon is great for driving buyers to our products, there are some obvious drawbacks.

Selling through other marketplaces incurs fees or commissions payable to that market place, up to 15% in some cases.

It goes without saying that we would very much like to be able to offer our own products for sale to our customers without having to incorporate these fees, so we can offer better prices for our products!

We work on slim profit margins as it is, so you may be surprised to know that in many cases, the marketplace makes more from us in fees than we do in profit for ourselves.

So there’s a balance and trade-off to be made, by selling direct through our own web store, we can offer cheaper prices to our customers, as well as making a little more profit, which keeps us in business!

Marketplace sellers are also very much restricted by policies set by those marketplaces.

We’re all about ‘global’ and being able to offer our products for sale to customers all across the world. But on some marketplaces we are hampered by limited shipping options and settings we can apply, while on our own website we can offer various options and rates to our customers, because we’re fully in control. If you’re happy to pay extra for express shipping, we’ll be able to offer this to you.

For our customers outside of the UK and EU, as we don’t have to apply VAT to those purchases, we can offer you tax-free prices, so you get even better value for money for your purchase.

Marketplace purchases offer good levels of buyer protection, but we’re not looking to ‘rip-off’ or short-change anyone; all payments are made through PayPal, so buyers still enjoy the same level of purchase protection in the event that things ‘go wrong’, all we ask is for you to contact us if there is any issue or problem first so that we can try and resolve it for you.

We hope we can offer a great shopping experience for you, but please do get in touch and let us know if there is anything we are missing, your feedback and comments are important for us to help get this right for us all.

Happy shopping!