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Changes to international mail dispatches from Monday 7th February 2022

For the past few years now, most of our international mail packets and parcels have been dispatched from the UK with Deutsche Post, via the DHL Globalmail service.

Following a comprehensive review of our operations, and weighing up various “pros and cons”, it has been decided to revert back to sending all mail items from the UK with Royal Mail.

For our customers in the USA, Australia, Israel, France, Germany or even the Falkland Islands or Vanuatu, you won’t see any significant change, these items will still be handled by and delivered by your local postal operator.

With Deutsche Post, all our mail items were forwarded to Germany, where they were sorted at their international hub at Frankfurt, before being sent for onward dispatch to the destination country, which could sometimes take a few days.

Being based in the UK, it will be more efficient for us, as all international mail items sent with Royal Mail go straight to their Worldwide Distribution Centre at Heathrow Airport near London, so are usually sorted and processed the day after they have been collected from us.

The other problem we faced with Deutsche Post is that marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon do not seem to know how to retrieve tracking information from their label references generated, in order to keep customers updated on the progress of their delivery. So by switching back to Royal Mail, we hope we can reduce the number of “what’s happening with my package, have you dispatched it?” queries that we keep receiving.

Of course, we are already using Royal Mail to post items to Australia and New Zealand, and we are very pleased with the efficiency of this service, and there is a good reliable routing to get mail items to those destinations.

The downside of course is that the overall rates offered to us by Royal Mail are not as favourable as Deutsche Post’s, which means there will be a slight increase in postage costs for some customers, but we hope this will be offset by providing a slightly faster service and better experience for our customers. Some good news is that we can actually now offer slightly cheaper rates for our customers in Australia and the USA.

We thank you all in advance for your understanding and your continued business with us!