It’s no secret that marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay charge sellers a ‘commission’ for every sale they get through their platforms, as much as up to 15%!

The only way to get our truly ‘best’ prices is to buy direct from us, and we have a few websites now where you can do just that!

Because we don’t have to charge ourselves any fees or commission, we can offer prices that are cheaper than our listings on eBay, Amazon, OnBuy or ManoMano.

And best of all you still get the same level of customer service, just send us an email or get in touch using the contact forms there.

Info and links to our websites below:

ARKS 4 Cooling

Your one-stop shop for automotive engine cooling and climate control components!
Over 40,000 premium quality parts available for sale!

ARKS 4 AutoParts

Our new website offering other car parts for sale.

ARKS Global Shop

Our original webshop offers a wide range of our popular products, including car maintenance & accessories, home & garden, tools & DIY, catering & hospitality, with more yet to come!

Benefits of buying direct

  • Better prices, as we don’t have to increase them to factor in marketplace fees/commissions
  • Fairer pricing – marketplaces encourage sellers to offer ‘free delivery’, which means that postage costs are included in the item price, which is fine if you only buy one item from a seller, but if you buy more than one then you’re overpaying. Our websites apply one delivery cost no matter how many items you buy, so the more you buy the more you are saving really!
  • Buyer protection – our websites use Paypal for payment processing, so you’re covered if needed, but you’ll find we’re happy to work out any issues you may have if you get in touch and allow us the opportunity to do so.