Our Mission

What is our purpose?

Like yourselves, we have been customers, and we’ve all had our own experiences, good and bad.

Based on our own experiences, we just want to ensure that our customers are happy.

Not just happy with the product you have purchased, but with the start-to-end process: happy with the purchasing experience, and happy with the delivery experience also.

We want to feel we have earned your positive feedback rating, and we want to know if you feel your feedback is neutral or negative, so that we can improve our service for everybody.

We also believe that globally there should be no boundaries, so we want to make the products we sell available for purchase to as many people worldwide as we can.

What do we do differently?

Anyone can list products for sale, regardless of whether they can actually fulfil the order or not!

We work closely with our partner suppliers, and aim to ensure that wherever possible, if we list a product for sale on Amazon or eBay, then we can actually obtain it. We have found from our own collective previous experiences, that many other sellers may list for sale many products from various suppliers, regardless of whether stock is available or not.

We believe the first step to a positive customer experience, is to ensure that the customer can be confident that the item they want to purchase will be delivered to them in the estimated delivery timescale presented at the point of purchase. So we use regular data feeds and stock updates, to ensure that we only show for sale products that are obtainable from our various suppliers.

This ties in with the second step, how soon can we despatch the order to the customer? We are honest with our ‘handling times’, yes, if the item is physically stocked in our own warehouse (or supplied direct from a suppliers own warehouse) then we can despatch same-day. If we have to order in the item from our supplier, then the relevant handling time is shown.

The third step is to ensure that the item gets from where it is despatched, to the customer’s delivery address, on or before the estimated delivery date shown to you, the customer.  So we carefully select our own preferred carriers, whether it is Royal Mail, UK Mail or Parcelforce, or any other carrier our direct suppliers use (DPD, Interlink, Fedex) to ensure you won’t be let down.

Finally, as we felt we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just selling products to UK customers, we make our products available for purchase to as many customers as we can across the globe. Small, lower-value items can be send anywhere via international post, while we are constantly expanding the countries and territories that we ship larger, higher-value items to via courier services.

What do we ask of you?

To help us efficiently get the item you have purchased to you as smoothly as possible we ask of very little:

Please ensure you provide a correct delivery address where someone will be available to receive your item – it might not be possible for Royal Mail to fit a large parcel through your letter box if no-one is home, or a courier might not find your building if the address is incomplete.

Please ensure you provide a valid email address and mobile phone number, then our couriers can provide you with tracking updates via email/SMS (where available).

Finally, if you have received your item in good condition, and in good time, we only ask for your positive feedback (and repeat business!) in return. And if you are in anyway unhappy with your purchase, or the service you have received, then please contact us beforehand, before you leave neutral or negative feedback, in order to give us the opportunity to rectify any problems.