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Now AVAilable – more Quality Cooling products

In 2020 the AVA Quality Cooling company was acquired by Nissens, and in 2021 the two UK operations were merged, with Nissens UK relocating to AVA’s UK warehouse in South Yorkshire.

We’re now pleased to be able to offer the AVA range for sale to our customers, further expanding our already huge range of automotive cooling and climate control products from Nissens, Mahle and Auto Air.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the market of engine cooling and air conditioning, AVA can deliver one of the widest and most up-to-date ranges in the automotive and heavy duty after-market enabling its customers to benefit from a wide assortment thus complete market coverage.

The AVA product management team’s expertise, combined with excellent supply capabilities and stringent quality standards, form our guarantee for the offered products’ proper performance, competitiveness and high availability.  The development of new references every month, moreover, can ensure AVA always offers the most up-to-date product range.

AVA Quality Cooling products are manufactured by using prime materials and top quality craftsmanship, ensuring excellence in the production process. AVA offers a full range of engine cooling and air conditioning products for all passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and commercial vehicles.

Orders for AVA products will be dispatched direct from Nissens to our UK mainland customers.