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ARKS Global launches own range of aircon products

We’re excited to announce we will shortly be launching our own range of quality aircon components!

Following a buoyant summer season for aircon product sales this year, we’ve carefully identified a number of top-selling products, which we will soon start selling under our own ARKS4Cooling (A4C) brand.

Since the launch of our dedicated ARKS4Cooling website earlier this year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response it has received, and the number of orders that have been placed has surpassed our expectations! Thanks go out to anyone who has ordered through our site this year, and well done for saving yourself a bit of money too!

So it was a logical next-step to keep this momentum going by introducing our own range of best-selling products, which we aim to sell at even keener prices, while maintaining the high quality standard of product which our customers have come to expect.

We have launched our initial range of aircon condensers exclusively through our ARKS4Cooling website, before making them available on our eBay shop.

The initial range consists of 12 condensers and 1 compressor, which were our best-selling products this year, and in 2024 we hope to expand on this even further.