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ARKS Global ships to record number of countries

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When we started ARKS Global back in 2014, our dream was to make products available for sale to as many customers around the world as possible.

In November 2018, just four years later, we have now shipped parcels to customers in 157 different countries around the world. If you consider that there are 195 countries, that means we have supplied goods to 81% of the world!

We called ourselves ARKS Global, because we wanted to be a ‘global retailer’, not restricting ourselves to certain markets.

We were told that international selling was ‘challenging’ or ‘difficult’.

Four years of experience has taught us otherwise!

Sadly there are some countries that we can’t ship to, due to political circumstances meaning there is no service available, such as Libya or Somalia, but certainly within the next four years we hope to have shipped parcels to as many countries as we are able to.