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Beat the cold this winter with SupaWarm!

With concerns about a possible cold winter heading our way, and of course the ongoing energy price rises, people are rightly looking for ways of keeping warm economically.

We’re pleased to have back in stock again the very popular Portable Gas Cabinet Heater from SupaWarm. Ideal for use in larger ventilated rooms, garages/workshops or conservatories, this powerful 4.2kw heater will quickly warm up the room.

Gas converts a higher percentage of energy to heat than electricity, meaning you can run your gas heater for a small amount of time and heat a room faster than if you were using an electric heater, getting far more bang for your buck.

 Power Cut? No problem! You’ll still have a source of heat with a gas heater.

Safety features include anti-tilt and oxygen depletion cut-off. Castor wheels make the unit easy to move around where needed. And three heat settings (1.5kw to 4.2kw) allow you full cosiness control!

The unit is fitted with a standard 21mm European gas regulator and hose, and requires a 7kg to 15kg butane gas bottle (not propane), which will be available from local stockists or suppliers.

Despite recent energy price increases, gas is still comparatively cheaper than electricity for heating purposes.

Electric heaters

For smaller rooms and spaces which have no central heating, and for where a gas cabinet heater wouldn’t be practical or recommended, unfortunately you may have little choice but to use some kind of electric heater.

The key to keeping your energy bills down is to only use electricity for heating when you need to. Once a room reaches a comfortable room temperature, the heater can be turned off.

In my experience, a halogen heater is ideal for quickly warming up a room, or just to take the ‘chill’ off.

The Deluxe Halogen Heater from SupaWarm comes with three heat settings, as well as an oscillating function for heat distribution spread. For safety it has an anti-tip cut-out. The halogen lamps may be seen as a disadvantage, but equally give a cosy illumination to a room, so you don’t need any other lamps on!

Convector heaters are also quite popular, and this 2kW model from SupaWarm will also quickly warm up a room.

This has the advantage of having a built-in thermostatic control, which you can adjust. Rather than staying on constantly, consuming energy in the process, it will cut-off automatically once a desired comfortable temperature is reached. For full control over your energy usage, why not use in conjunction with a plug-in timer, so it only comes on at the times you need it to?

Speaking of programmable heaters, for the ultimate in control, we also offer this 2kW Panel Heater from SupaWarm:

Can be mounted to a wall, or kept as a free standing unit. As with the convector heater above, it has built-in thermostat control, but in addition it has a programmable weekly timer as well as a handy remote control, giving you full control over when it turns on and off.

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While we’re not making any promises about saving you money on your energy bills, hopefully there’s some food for thought on how you can better control your energy usage.

The above electric heaters are really recommended for use as ‘secondary heating’, or for rooms or spaces where there is no primary central heating system.

Remember the golden rule, heaters and heating systems are for warming the home/room, not yourself!

A ‘comfortable’ room temperature for many is around 19C to 22C. Keeping doors and windows closed will help to maintain the room temperature for longer. Turn off (or turn down) heating in rooms you aren’t using. And instead of sitting around in t-shirt and shorts, put on a jumper or sweater!