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Nissens Automotive cooling and climate control

Amongst our ranges of automotive components products that we offer for sale, Nissens’ range of automotive cooling and climate control products have consistently been our best-selling items over the course of the last six years that we have been trading.

Over the years, Nissens has invested significant resources in research on and development of engine cooling and climate system components for the automotive segment. More than 95 years of thermal know-how and manufacturing experience mean that we are able to meet the needs for comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts, while at the same time, being a market educator for technical insight into the systems field.

As a market leading manufacturer of most essential thermal system components, Nissens offers a comprehensive product portfolio with up to 97% car park coverage. Covering everything from the fast moving to the more exotic parts of the European, Asian and American vehicle brands, Nissens is the ideal choice for quality, range and expertise.

Focusing on added features, such as ‘First Fit’ and ‘First to Market’, our partners in the IAM are always up to date and in line with the latest market trends, securing customers the right position for growing and developing their markets.

Every time it involves your thermal systems, Nissens is right there with you – contributing to the comfort and safety of your journey.  

Experience the difference. Enjoy the ride.

The range includes:

Climate Control

  • Condensors
  • Compressors
  • Blowers
  • Receiver Dryers
  • Evaporators
  • Heaters
  • Fans

Engine Cooling

  • Radiators
  • Oil Coolers
  • Fan clutches
  • Expansion Tanks

Efficiency & Emissions

  • Intercoolers
  • Turbos
  • EGR Valves

Components are available for passenger cars, light-commercial vans, HGV trucks, buses and coaches, and tractors and off-road vehicles.

Our service

Items stocked at Nissens UK are delivered direct to our customers within the UK mainland. Orders received before 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding public and bank holidays) will be delivered the next working day by TNT.

For all other customers, Nissens UK will dispatch to our Birmingham warehouse, for onwards shipping on the next working day.

We also offer for sale items not normally stocked in the UK, but available for special order from Nissens’ main headquarters in Denmark.

For UK mainland customers, these items are put on backorder and typically dispatched direct from Nissens UK within 4 to 5 working days, while for all other destinations, dispatch will follow a day later once the goods arrive at our Birmingham warehouse.

Direct dispatch from Denmark is available for those with a more urgent need to get their item quicker, this will involve additional costs, please enquire with us before-hand.

Checking for compatibility

The Nissens website has an easy to use catalogue, which can be used to identify the correct parts required by entering vehicle details, or by searching by competitor or OEM part numbers.

Once you know the part number of the Nissens item you need, you can simply search for that in our arksglobal eBay Store.

Alternatively, you can use the Contact Seller links on eBay or Amazon to send us a message, include your vehicle registration number (UK vehicles only) and full vehicle details (make, model, year, engine, transmission, aircon etc) and our experienced car parts advisers will be able to point you in the direction of the correct item to order.

Don’t use eBay or Amazon? Our brand new website is coming later this year, but in the meantime, get in touch using the form on our Contact Us page, and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Why choose Nissens over other brands?

For an increasing number of products, Nissens include any required additional components required, such as fixings, seals, gaskets etc, look for the ‘First Fit’ attribute on our listings.

My radiator is damaged, it has ‘cut marks’ in the frame!

The vast majority of Nissens radiators and condensers are constructed using aluminium. The ‘cuts’ you see in the frame are part of the production process, due to the nature of aluminium, it expands and contracts as it heats up and cools down; the cuts allow the frame to naturally expand without distorting the body, and will not affect the performance of the unit.

I have received my condenser but it is damaged; it is bent/twisted!

As above, due to the nature of the product being manufactured from aluminium, it is quite possible that owing to temperature changes encountered during transit, the material will expand and contract in a way that it will appear distorted on arrival.

Aluminium is also a very soft metal, so in the vast majority of cases there is nothing to worry about; most of the time for heavy warping the unit can be bent back into shape, and of course the unit will naturally straighten out as it is fixed and installed to the vehicle.

My radiator/heater/condenser/intercooler is damaged, the fins are crushed!

While we do our level best to ensure that your item reaches you in perfect condition, unfortunately due to the delicate nature of these products, some minor damage can occur during transit.

But in the vast majority of cases, the damage is simply ‘cosmetic’ and will not impede the performance of the unit once it is installed in the vehicle.

The soft fins can sometimes be straightened back into shape on some heaters and radiators, but as long as the unit is not completely crushed, or any liquid-carrying channels/pipes have been pierced, it will still function perfectly.

When can I expect my item? The listing said 24hr delivery?

Prior to purchase, please refer to any estimated delivery date provided by eBay, and also please see the Payments & Delivery section in our full eBay listing description. As stated earlier, items stocked at Nissens UK are available for immediate dispatch, while some non-stocked items that have to be special ordered from Denmark will have longer estimated delivery times shown. In both cases, items are shipped using 24hr courier (TNT), but special-order items will have a longer handling time applied. If in any doubt, please contact us prior to purchase for clarification.

For delivery to UK mainland addresses, TNT will require a signature on delivery, if no-one is available at the address to receive the parcel, it may be left with a neighbour. We are unable to pass on specific delivery instructions unfortunately.

What is the warranty on Nissens aircon compressors?

Aircon components must be installed by a professional certified air-con technician. Due to the nature of these products, warranty conditions for aircon compressors are very strict, full details are included in a leaflet provided with every Nissens aircon compressor, and can be downloaded from the Nissens website: