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What’s the difference between Mahle part numbers that end in -P or -S?

Since their acquisition of the Behr brand and products from Hella, Mahle have continued the tradition of offering consumers the choice between OE quality or OE matching aftermarket products.

Quite simply, the suffix at the end of the part number differentiates between the two.

Those part numbers that are suffixed with a ‘-P’ denote those that are part of Mahle’s “Premium Line” range – these are OEM products, produced either by Mahle/Behr or other OEMs, same as supplied to vehicle manufacturers. Not to be confused with ‘genuine dealer parts’ though, these are supplied as aftermarket parts, so original vehicle manufacturer’s logos/branding/part number will not be present – either covered over or ‘scratched off’.

PREMIUM LINE comprises around 4,700 products produced by MAHLE, AKG, HANON, and other OE manufacturers. PREMIUM LINE products in OE quality are particularly durable and deliver peak performance even under extreme conditions, making them the ideal solution for customers who expect the best.

Part numbers suffixed with ‘-S’ denote products that are Mahle’s core Standard aftermarket range. These products are OE matching, produced to Mahle’s high quality standards, but offered at a competitive price.

The approximately 3,500 standard products in OE-matching quality without the PREMIUM LINE prefix offer good performance and represent a cost-effective solution with an excellent price–performance ratio. Good quality at an attractive price. In roughly 1,200 applications, the customer can choose between premium and good standard products.