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Why are there ‘cuts’ in the radiator frame?

We often get messages from customers complaining that their radiator has been received damaged, as there are noticable ‘cut marks’ in the frame around the core.

It doesn’t look very elegant, however we can assure you that this is intended, and is part of Nissens’ production and design.

The same ‘cut’ is also shown on Nissens’ own product photo they show in their own web catalogue

Because the material is aluminium, which is a relatively soft metal, the frame is cut to allow the material to expand and contract, as it heats up and cools down, without ‘warping’ the frame around the core.

Any cuts such as these in the aluminium frame are perfectly normal, and the product is fully guaranteed.

Euro 6 is the sixth incarnation of the European Union directive to reduce harmful pollutants from vehicle exhausts. The Euro 6 standard was introduced in January 2013 for trucks. The aim of Euro 6 is to reduce levels of harmful exhaust emissions.

The introduction of the Euro 6 standards requires increased cooling performance of the engine. In some cases the increase exceeds 25 percent compared to the engines based on the Euro 5 standards.

In addition, there is also a higher operating strength as both temperatures and pressure cycles increase in intensity and frequency.

Charging air cooling also requires improvement as the charge pressure and turbo output temperature increase.


Thermal Expansion Resistance – Specially designed side panels with cuts to lower the influence of thermal expansion on the core construction.

“EURO 6 NORMS – THE EFFECT ON ENGINE PERFORMANCE” – Nissens Experts Product Support