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Tracking international mail packets/parcels

Items sent via international mail from the UK are dispatched with Royal Mail, and will be handled by and delivered by the local postal operator in your country.

While Royal Mail does provide tracking information on its own website, you can also track the progress of your delivery at your own local postal operator’s website, though this may not be possible until it has been received and processed in your country, depending on your postal operator’s technical capabilities.

Some common examples and links are provided below:

The tracking number provided by Royal Mail is always in the standard UPU format – two characters designating the service code, followed by 8 numeric digits, then followed by two characters designating the country of origin, eg LG039196541GB

Once any parcel bearing this reference number has been accepted by, scanned and processed by your local postal operator, you’ll be able to track it and receive notifications as if it was a domestic parcel delivery at their own website.

Please note, you’ll often get better information tracking your parcels this way than you would from eBay or Amazon, as they are not always able to accurately receive tracking updates.